Taster Courses

Dip your toe in the water with our shorter floristry courses. These taster florist courses are the perfect way to spend a couple of hours out of daily city life. Get a feel for The Flower School and enjoy this introductory experience. Don't forget to grab a cup of coffee from our in-place Garden Cafe.

  • Floral Seasonal Table Arrangement
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    This floristry class is suitable for anyone who just love embellishing their dinner table with seasonal flowers and delight their guests. Learn how to make this simple table arrangement for any dinner…

  • BYOB Flower Workshop
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    Come and learn how to make your very own hand-tied bouquet The Flower School way. Perfect for all levels and a lovely way to spend the day surrounded by the most beautiful flowers of the season. Bring…

  • Hand-tied bouquet
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    In this course you can learn how to create stunning seasonal hand-tied bouquets while enjoying a glass of prosecco. Using the season’s best flowers you will be taught the techniques and mechanic…

  • Two friends creating hand-tied flower bouquets
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    In this course you and your friend or special someone can learn how to create stunning seasonal hand-tied bouquets while enjoying a glass of prosecco. Using the season’s best flowers you will be…

  • Romantic Vase Arrangement
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    In this course we will teach you how to arrange flowers in particular vases using the tape technique. Discover how this technique can give a romantic, organic and natural look to your flower arrangeme…

  • flower crown workshop students
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    Was: £75.00
    Now: £54.99

    For this taster florist course, with the help of our teacher, you will explore designing and making stunning flower crowns that can be used for weddings, parties and any other special occasions. To bo…

  • Colorful flower bouquet
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    Was: £89.00
    Now: £74.99

    Our “Let’s Spiral” bouquet arranging course will teach you how to create a breath-taking seasonal hand-tied bouquets. The floristry course is for you if you want to add a professiona…

  • Winter Garden Container

    Learn the art of displaying plants in a container and discover the joy of potted plants. In this class you will learn the little tips and tricks about flowers and plants and the best floral combinatio…

  • The Art of Wreath Making
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    When you think of Christmas and Christmas decorations, one of the first things that come to mind is the traditional wreath that hangs on your front door as a warming symbol of the festive period. This…

  • Let's Pumpkin
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    Introducing our limited edition "Let's Pumpkin" flower arrangement. Celebrate the falling season creating a dramatic and fun floral arrangement in a real pumpkin. Time: The course is from 11AM to…

Want To Learn Online?

You can learn priceless flower arrangement tips and tricks and unhide secrets behind colour matching, flower types and groups, textures and techniques, whilst always working with delicate and fresh flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find most common questions and answers regarding the Flower School and floristry in general. Please call us for further information.

How can I become a florist in the UK?

Currently, you do not need to be certified for becoming a florist in the UK. But, there are some educational options to develop floristry skills. The first option is learning from professional teachers in a college. It will give you a great qualification and employability learning from a professional teacher the whole way. Moreover, learning this way will lead you to achieve an NVQ in Floristry between 1 and 5 levels. The second option is an apprenticeship. It is for people who either currently work, or already have experience in the floristry. The apprenticeship can still be managed by a college or educational institute, but you are learning at an actual floristry job. Thus, you can achieve level 2 or 3 NVQ, and of course practical experience. The highest qualification in floristry in the UK is the National Diploma of the Society of Floristry. Most professional florists in the UK are members of that society.

Do I have to be certified to become a florist?

Currently, you do not need to be certified for becoming a florist in the UK. Everybody can become a florist if he/she opens their eyes to the beauty of flowers. Like everything in life, we become better and better in things we do with love. So, start experimenting with flowers! If you need some inspiration you can find it at the Flower School. The diploma is not crucial, the knowledge is. But the competition in the floristry industry is rising so you need to out-perform the rest to get the job. So, ask yourself What sets you apart from others?

What skills do I need to become a florist?

Creativity - as a florist you will need to match flowers in different colours, shapes and sizes requiring a reasonable amount of creativity. Like every job including the handwork.
Knowledge - to be a successful florist you need to know the different types of flowers and their meanings. You should know which one of them is appropriate for certain occasions.
Hand-crafting techniques - as a florist you will deal with different materials and containers for the creation of a bouquet. So, you will not only focus on arranging flowers.

What does a florist assistant do?

Floral assistants mainly assist the florist with daily operations. The job responsibilities include customer service, delivery operations, or processing orders via phone or internet.

Where can I find the Flower School?

The Flower School is at a garden centre located in Hampstead Garden Suburb with address 788A Finchley Road.

How can I get to the Flower School?

Reach us by bus - The nearest bus stop is Temple Fortune Hill which is a 6 minute walk from us.
Reach us by Tube - The nearest tube station is Golders Green which is a 15 minute walk from us.
Reach us by Car - The nearest car parks are Indigo Car Park and Brent Cross Station and prices are at around £5-6 per hour.

How to contact the Flower School?

Phone number: +44(0)207 724 7525
Email: hello@flower-school.co.uk
Facebook account
Instagram account

How to book a course at the Flower School?

Select one of the courses at our website www.flower-school.co.uk , choose one of the available dates and click the Book Now button. Then finish the payment. Book a course by phone: +44(0)207 724 7525.

How can I pay for a flower course at the Flower School?

You can pay for your floristry course at the Flower School via American Express, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

Are the flower courses at the Flower School accredited?

Our flower courses are not accredited. They are meant to be a nice experience with friends learning to be creative.

Can I cancel a flower course I booked and how?

You can cancel or rescedule your booked course 24 hours before the day of the course. Just call us and we will do that for you.

Can I reschedule a course I booked to another date?

You can rescedule your booked course 24 hours before the day of the course. Just call us and we will do that for you.

Are the flowers provided for the course?

All the flowers needed for the course are on us. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee and cake at our Garden Cafe again on us.